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The Event

  • Arrive at the event venue at the start time or after (Don’t worry if you are late, you will still be able to enter the event after it has started. We advise arriving at the start time of the event)
  • Tell the Door Staff your full name, how many guests you are with and show them a valid form of ID to gain entry to the event. A drivers license, passport or household utility bill will be accepted. Without ID, you may be denied access to the event
  • Take a seat inside the event hall
  • There will be a short introduction by one of our hostesses explaining how the event will work in more detail
  • Help yourself to any tea/coffee/biscuits! They will be situated around the edge of the venue – providing a good place to start making conversation!
  • If there is someone you may wish to speak with, simply approach them, respecting their space, and introduce yourself.
  • You may also request one of our hostesses assist with this. Simply get their attention; respectfully, and ask them to introduce you to a client you would like to speak with.
  • We always encourage you to bring family members/friends/chaperones/mahrams along with you, as most clients will do so. This helps keep things respectable and provides for a more fruitful experience.
  • We insist on and conduct our events according to Islamic practice and principle – The venue will be a large open space inside. But is not accessible to the public as it will be privately booked. Members of staff will be on hand to assist with queries and introductions between clients and their families
  • If you/your family and another client/their family like one another you may exchange contact details to continue your halal journey toward marriage
  • Male and Female tickets will be sold evenly, we aim for a 1:1 ratio!
  • Safe, Secure, Discreet and Confidential Service
  • We do not promote haram relations!