Muslim marriage events in Birmingham and elsewhere are escalating in popularity due to traditional arranged marriages being in decline. When I first heard of such events, I could not understand why one would attend such an unromantic get together and come face to face with strangers. The concept has grown on me. Why spend hours and hours online trying to find your other half, not even knowing if their picture is true or fake? Not to mention the fact that most women on these sites don’t even show their face! Are you looking to get married or not? Well maybe on the Nikkah day she may show me her face! Guys can be just as funny. Guys, if you want to appear genuine and sincere don’t post a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and claim it to be from the present.

Muslim Marriage Events in Birmingham are the ideal way for someone wanting to get married but having a problem finding someone from family or friends or distant relatives. A good Muslim Marriage Event will be one that allows you to bring along family support with you. In fact this should be encouraged.

Family support, especially for the women is needed.

This support is islamically needed, starting off with the right intention is a must and not “mast!”

I would strongly recommend a guy not to go alone to Muslim Marriage Events in Birmingham either! Haven’t you heard of those Mother-in-laws? Some of them will eat you alive or if they like the look of you so much they are going to stuff you with loads of Samosas and Chicken Pakoras that they neatly packed in their old margarine containers. So guys, at least bring along your big sister or your mom, for protection, better still a Doberman or your Pit Bull will do the trick. Also, keep your cheeks well protected too, in case the prospective Mother-in-law takes a shine to you!

We all know that within the Muslim community the lack of suitors for women has hit crisis point, sadly too, divorce rates are very high.

In fact within Birmingham alone divorce rates are the highest within the whole of Europe.

Nevertheless with guys being in such short supply and girls who are now in their 30’s, they need to bear in mind that they may be close to passing their sell by dates; by Asian community expectations! It has sadly become like a supermarket dash. I am sure the girls out there are well aware of all the stick they get from the so called extended family. Remarks such as

Aye, no husband yet, bhichari, never mind…

Parents have rightly, (after many years of keeping their daughters locked up at home) given them the opportunity to be educated. However in doing so, they have obtained their Bachelors Degree, but all the eligible “Bachelors” have been scooped up. Parents should have continued to search for a rishta at the start of their A-levels or university course.

Muslim Marriage Events in Birmingham enables each of you looking to get married, have a face to face chance of finding that special person. The first introduction may be nerve racking but it certainly beats going on-line and throwing caution to the wind. At the event organisers will have made sure that your Islamic values are kept at the forefront of the event. This is the reason when looking for an event, it’s important to see that the organisers encourage a “mahram” to come along, this also acts as a point of safety.

There is nothing wrong if after your introductions, your family would like to exchange contact details with the other side. This way you may pursue your quest after the event, in a calmer way, in your own time.

Remember this important fact:

Marriage is not 50:50, this is what they call the Divorce!

Marriage is 100:100, you each have to give it your fullest and work hard at it daily. Marriage does complete half your Deen but don’t be rushed into making a half – hearted decision. Such a decision is meant to be life-long. The marriage is not just the union of the couple but ultimately the union of two families.

Attending Muslim Marriage Events in Birmingham also has the following advantage: It takes you away from the “cousin v cousin” marriage scenario. Although Islam does not forbid such a marriage, it is there as a kind of last resort. Unfortunately amongst certain peoples it has become the norm, rather than the exception. When marriage to cousins continues within families it is known to bring in genetic problems. How many of us know families where you hear someone has died of cancer, then another person, in the same family, or that heart attacks are prevalent causes of death in certain families. These are quite predominantly caused by genetics. It has become such a worrying problem that even Saudi Arabia now acknowledges the issue. Saudi Arabia insists a couple wishing to marry must undergo a DNA test to rule out inherited disease, especially where the couple are related. This is a positive step forward. Knowing your cousin and the whole family, through kinship doesn’t necessarily mean your marriage is going to be a success.

Whichever route you choose to go down in regards to finding a spouse, think carefully and think wisely. Get the support of your family and do things the Halal way. Muslim Marriage Events in Birmingham certainly offer another route. They help in the search.

All the best with your journey.

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