We at Hum Marriage understand that trying to find your ideal life partner, your other half, can be daunting. So with our years of experience in handling such matters we thought we would once again offer a helping hand. Our hand is in the shape of Muslim Marriage Events UK.

For Muslims living a single life it may at times seem idyllic, no one to have to be concerned about, or to incorporate in your plans. For guys, no one to tell you to put your dirty socks in the wash tub or clean up after you have messed the house! For Gals, the freedom to go out with friends and enjoy a night out, perfectly acceptable. No worries in figuring out what to eat, just have your favourite meals whenever you wish. But living a monastic life is not what Sunnah tells us to do. Sunnah tells us that marriage is an important part of life’s equation. It teaches us that marriage completes half our Deen. It teaches us that within the establishment of marriage that each in the partnership, acts to safeguard and nurture and love the other. Each has the duty of ensuring the other is happy and content, that we journey through life together, each supporting the other.

Hum Marriage Bureau (sister company to Hum Marriage Events) is a prestigious, unique kind of offering, it offers prospective men & women the opportunity to be matched up with someone who has been handpicked by expert matchmakers who have years of experience behind them.

This approach takes the hassle out of trying to find someone yourself or having someone from a Muslim dating site bother you so much, or worse, not even be who they say they are. What happens however if you want to meet face to face with a number of people in a Halal manner with the aid of family or a close friend, to measure compatibility?

This is where Hum Marriage – Muslim Marriage Events UK steps in.

We have put together a streamlined, easy to “sign-up” package along with great venues to enable you to meet face to face not only other members of Hum Marriage Bureau but any others who wish to come to the Muslim Marriage Events UK venue. This way you may personally spot “that special person,” you may “click” on a different level or even for some, compromise a little on the requirements you stipulated to your dedicated matchmaker. Why would you do this? Well, because you have now seen the nature of the person, in the face to face environment of a Marriage Event. Furthermore, your parents too may help you to realise that certain things in life are more important while other characteristics are less important.

Hum Marriage Muslim Marriage Events UK will have chosen a nice venue, one with plenty of room for you to mingle and chat without being overheard by others. The balance of male to female participants would have been carefully calculated. There is nothing worse than going to an event where the females outnumber the males or vice versa. This is not a “jungle warfare” scenario….. No fighting or pushing now!

The Muslim Marriage Events UK are not speed dating events! All the interactions are made in a Halal manner, females are strongly advised to bring at least one parent or a Mahram. This ensures the interaction with the opposite side is all above board. Males too are encouraged not to come alone. Any bad behaviour or undignified interactions will not be tolerated. Hum Marriage Muslim Marriage Events UK always have Hosts on hand and also security guards to protect your welfare and wellbeing. Dedicated trained staff who are acting on behalf of Hum Marriage Events are always readily available. You may even use them to help you introduce yourself to the opposite side. They are there to help.

Muslim Marriage Events UK organised by Hum Marriage Events will also have drinks and snacks to hand. As well as filling a hunger gap, there is nothing better than having a chat over a nice cup of tea or coffee. Tables and chairs are in plentiful supply, so if you have come a long way, don’t worry, put your feet up and relax. Event staff will do their utmost to ensure adequate parking for you all. There is nothing worse than going to an event and not being able to find parking.

So ladies and gentleman, whether you are a Muslim from birth or a new revert to Islam, or a long standing revert, whatever your nationality or “mother tongue,” you ARE ALL WELCOME.

For a nominal entrance fee, what have you got to lose? A Marriage event is another avenue to explore and could reward you with your ideal Muslim life partner.

So give Muslim Marriage Events UK a chance to further assist you in your search.

Best of luck.

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